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Institute of Astronomy Space and Earth Science

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Institute of Astronomy Space and Earth Science

The institute is registered as a society under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act XXVI, 1961.
(Registration No. S0026037 of 2021-2022)

The primary objectives of IASES are to conduct fundamental and applied research in the fields of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Space and Earth Sciences. Public Outreach Programmes and Academic Courses are also among the main activities of the Institute.

Chief Advisors


Online Course on Python Programming and Machine Learning

Courses on different topics of Astronomy and Space Science along with their applications in scientific research.

Outreach in Astronomy Space and Earth Science.

  Call for applications for Junior Research Fellow.


A new beginning, new hope and a vibrant future...

IASES Membership: Application Form

Institute of Astronomy Space and Earth Science is inviting members from academic community, science communicators and amateur astronomers for institute membership. Interested members will get an opportunity to take part in research, academic and public outreach activities of the institute. This newly formed institute will hope to flourish and succeed through valuable inputs from its members.

MoU to be signed with international and national research institutes and universities.